11.12.2017: One vase from Germany to Germany

Shipped from: 1 of 82 670 000 inhabitants in Germany

Shipped to: 1 of 82 670 000 inhabitants in Germany

Description: I will try to describe this vase but actually I doubt that I will be able to succeed with my words as well as the photos are not able to show its real beauty … Well, it’s color changes between Adria blue, fiord green, Great-Barrier-Reef turquoise and Loch Ness unfathomable. Its stature is rectangular and massive. Its decor is so pristine as the runes of our ancestors. A piece of art from Alo Longi for Bitossi Ceramics from Italy’s 1960s. A vase to loose yourself in. Ah, and I nearly forgot: You can also put flowers in.

Condition: The vase is in a very good condition except a few tiny flea bites and a appr. 2 mm flake in the glaze on the edging (painted over by the previous owner). I would say that through the uneven surface of the vase it is nearly impossible that it does not have – at least small – signs of wear.

Height 22 cm / 8,7″
Width 9 cm / 3,5″
Depth 6 cm / 2,4″

Engraved in bottom: 726 / 21 ITALY

Orgin: Fleemarket, greater Stuttgart area, South Germany

Pre-owner: Unknown

Story: Unknown

Three things I wish for the new owner:

  • that you see the these incredible tones of blue and green

  • that you feel the relief surface and the cold touch of the glaze (I recommend to close your eyes)

  • that you imagine three places in your neighbourhood where you have seen the colors of this vase.


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